Lene Gammelgaard


The Everest Way – Mobilizes to implement what’s never been done before 

The Everest Way – 1 of the most innovative transformation methods in the world

The Everest Way – Simple solutions to complex challenges 

Lene Gammelgaard - Human innovation - The Everest way

My existential mission statement is to expand Human innovation & Decency Leadership for the greater good of Humankind 

Your return of investment is my 1 concern


I have developed – The Everest Way – Innovative Mental Strategies that mobilize leadership, organisations, and individuals to be frontrunners of the future. I invented The Everest Way – when I committed to scale Mount Everest in 1996. 3 universal mental step that explodes all limitations. Mental programming that secures implementation.

What you get

Lene Gammelgaard – excemplifies the transformative power of the spoken word. Lene offers Keynote speaking, motivational talks, business talks, seminars, workshops and OLD-Outdoor Leadership Development to mobilize personal and professional innovation in individuals, organisations and companies worldwide. FUTURIZE TODAY 

For who

FUTURIZE. Lene is typically hired by companies, organizations and institutions that are serious about launching future visions, innovate next-generation products, collaborate to transform the organization across continents. Pioneering companies who acknowledge that to succeed long-term – we need to take novel action to integrate the overall vision of World Economic Forum – Committed to improving the state of the world  

How to innovate your preferred future

Provides mental strategies and installs the willpower to transform Status Quo and affect the future.

Foundations to become the leader of the future.

Management’s transformation for our common global future.

Effective transforming leader qualities.

The worlds most innovative transformation method


One of the most important insights in our decade is NeuroLeadership – Mental Programming. The Radical neuro research based idea, that you can innovate capacity by disciplining how you think. NeuroLeadership is infinitely multiplicable and cost nothing. Progress exponentially “The Everest Way”. Expand to the next level – Innovate Humans who lead for the future with Human Innovation.  

We can innovate the future
One brain at a time


The Everest Way is for you who wants to transform States Quo and innovate the opportunities of the Future. The Everest Way – is – NeuroProgamming that mobilizes quantum leap’s development focus, risk willingness, self-responsibility and extreme perseverance. The w prerequisites for driving groundbreaking innovative and disruptive initiatives from idea to implementation

True Innovation starts in the brain


What if I told you there was something that you and your employees can do right now that would have an immediate, positive benefit for your business prospects including the overall collaborating culture in your organization?

And what if I told you that IT innovates on an individual level

And what if I told you that anyone can do IT and IT costs nothing

And what if I told you that IT serves expansion into the Future

And what if I told you that I have personally tested IT in the most extreme environment 

And what if I told you IT worked – and that I have transferred IT to achieve other Goals – and IT works 


Would you implement IT?


I am talking about the powerful effects of disciplining the brain. 


I want to share my story about how I came to my experience based understanding of neuroscience. I invented an experiment with myself in which I discovered the science underlying the most transformative step that you can take for your progress – today. Neuroprogramming has immediate, long-lasting benefits for the rest of your life.

When I said YES and committed to want to climb Mount Everest in 1996 – something unprecedented happened in my brain. I experienced the brain-transforming effects of wanting something – enough.

I turned myself into a human gunniea pig – experimented with my brain without knowing the actual effects. And I did it in a completely inadvertent way. 

Committing ALL towards Everest was changing my brain.

I encountered something that was so amazing, with the potential to change so many lives, that I have dedicated my life to share and expand IT.

I am passionately dedicated to Human Innovation – The Everest Way.


Everest changed my Brain! 

Because I experienced a quantum leap transformation process when I said yes to want Everest, learned how to program my will while preparing mentally for 6 months before actually setting foot on the mountain, to push through when the going got rough and surviving where others did not – I have dedicated myself to study neuroscience and expand Human Innovation and promote Decency Leadership as simple solutions to complex challenges.

Today Neuroscience uncovers more and more about the most complex structure known to humankind. Our Brain. The more I learn, the more research supports what I experience myself – how powerful the human hard drive – our Brain is. Which recently led me to the risky decision to completely shift my focus towards expanding The Everest Way – Human Innovation – because taking charge over our own brains has the potential to transform so many lives. 

And it’s free!

We can influence our common future!  

We can commit to improving the state of the world!

One Brain at the Time!


Lene Gammelgaard

Global prospects for 2018

The world economy has strengthened as lingering fragilities related to the global financial crisis subside. In 2017, global economic growth reached 3 per cent—the highest growth rate since 2011—and growth is expected to remain steady for the coming year.  The improved global economic situation provides an opportunity for countries to focus policy towards longer-term issues such as low carbon economic growth, reducing inequalities, economic diversification and eliminating deep-rooted barriers that hinder development. To commit to strive for the greater good of humankind.

World Economic Forum-Committed to improving the state og the World

Today’s humane predicament requires interested parties to engage in responsible efforts to innovate the foundations of societies.

In the past decades, countries that evolved through widely distributed prosperity had a potent social contract as their guiding mission. Equalizing struggles to sharing prosperity between capital and labor.  

Today we witness a spreading awareness that capitalism is THE global guiding principle – a “human misusing matrix” – where business is the winner. Moreover, individuals are reduced to producing units or numbers in statistics.

Human beings need meaning – to change…………

How can we innovate correcting efforts to strive for a better future and take responsibility to decipher the social-moral crisis?

How to discard the repetitive patterns of capitalism and stop doing more of the same – in an attempt to produce us out of a paradigm shift – towards DECENCY LEADERSHIP & HUMAN INNOVATION.

Business, with its global span and influence, can take the lead. Business is a major stakeholder in the shape of the global economic and human scheme.

Business leaders can play a leading role. Decency Leadership is a simple solution to complex challenges.

To strive beyond Status Quo we must focus as much on the quality of economic growth as on the quantity of it as traditionally measured by GDP.

We must ensure the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds with humanity at its center. Because that is the only strategy for long-term success. Global stability.

We can only strive for a better future for humankind to the extent of your passion and your engagement.

Commit locally – transform Globally.

Utilize NOW to catalyze action from your groundbreaking ideas – to commit to improving the state of the world.

My hope is that you will be intrigued by the exponential pioneering development potential – The Everest Way programming mobilizes.

Strive for a better future – commit to improving the state of the world.

Because most want to commit to a leader and an organization that makes a difference in the world.

We can influence our shared future – One Brain at the Time.

We all need inspiration to keep us going – no matter how accomplished we become 

Do you want my Brainy Quotes monthly – for you, your team and the whole company? 

My quotes mobilize instant new mental approaches 

FUTURIZE – Yourself to live!

Brainy Quotes
Do you somtimes long for a quick mental fix to keep going? I've got it for you - Sign up for instant effect

10 Mental Leadership Survival skills

This spectacular booklet consists of 10 profound texts for reflection and rejuvenation. Accompanied by stunning photo’s with wise quotes to excavate and reawaken purpose in – and Zest for Life. The wisdom of this booklet will sustain you through radical and tough times – as leader for others and for you – leader of your own destiny. An outstanding give away at any venue. Use it on an everyday basis to mobilizing insight that re-inspire even in the darkest of times. Success is a matter of passion, decision, risk willingness, willpower mental preparation, execution and the will to suffer endurance and recommitment. Lene vividly shares her simple steps to program your brain to ignite focus and persevere until you have achieved your unique goals. 


To the Summit and Safe Return

 Do you dare to pursue your innermost dreams? To the summit and safe return gives the reader a thrilling insigh into high altitude mountaineering as well as a strategic tool kit to living and a sobering book, packed with hands-on experiences you can apply today to achieve the life you dream about. To the Summit and Safe Return is revised version of best selling Climbing High. A humble account of human experience around May 10th Get to know Scott Fischer an Anatoli Boukreev and discover how to risk and mobilize your own grand vision form the first Scandinavian woman to scale and survive Mount Everest on May 10th 1996.

Lene is requested Globally - also by some of THE WORLD'S FORTUNE 500 companies

Lene Gammelgaard has spoken across continents and professions to hundreds of industries for more than 20 years.


A.T. Kearney, ABB A/S,ABB Robotics GmbH, Aeon Consulting Group Switzerland, Allianz GmbH, Allinace Politikerin Forum, AMKA, B&O Chicago, BBE Retail Experts, BHB Marketing GmbH, Bilfinger Berger GmbH, BMW, Boston Consulting Group, Capvis, Capvis Zürich, Colombus IT, COOP, Comlux Aviation Spain, Continental, Daimler Chrysler, Danica, Dafolo, Danish Business Counsil Dubai, Dansk Supermarked, Den Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank Incentive Reisen “Club der Besten” Kuusamo, Ekstra Bladet, Finland, Deutsche Bundes Bahn, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität, Deutsche Telecom, DHL Solutions GmbH, DFDS, DTU-Technical University, DZ Bank AG, Ecco Shoes, EFQM Forum Berlin, Egmont Koncern, Elli Lilly GmbH, Frederikssund Kommunale Ledere, General Electric, Grundfos, Hamlet Private Hospital, Hilti Lichtenstein, IBM, IDA, Janssen-Cilag, Lego, Maersk, McKinsey Women’s Workshop Sweden, Mekom Schweiz, Merck Aussendienst Berlin, Ministry of Education, Mobil Oil, MT Højgaard A/S, Naturstyrelsen, NCC, Netto, New Directions Boston, Norwegian Defence Logistics Operation, Nokia Siemens Russia, Novo Nordisk A/S, Novozymes, PFA, Point S Italy, Rockwood Litium USA, Sabex Canada, SAS-Institute IT, SAS-Scandinavian Airlines, Scandinavian Fur, Scandlines, Schwarzkopf Professional AG South Africa, SEB Bank, Shell Paris, Silvan A/S, Skanska, Swiss Reassurance Company Zürich + Zermat, SSAB Stockholm, Systemhaus Bissinger Gmbh, TATA Consultancy Services, T-Systems, Valliant, Velux, VIP-Ambassadors Tour Norway, Voith Paper Automation, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, Department of Economics and Business

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