When are you ready to realize your innermost dreams?

When I said yes to Scott Fischer to climb Everest  – something extraordinary happened in my brain. EVEREST 1996 is my account about EVEREST 




Lene Gammelgaard became famous when she survived on Mount Everest May 10, 1996 - and became world history. May 10 has been filmed a number of times.

Lenes honest, inspiring and compassionate account continues to be in high demand Globally - because Lene succeeds in mobilizing the will to live - in her audienceS


"As soon as I said YES to climb Everest - I knew I could not do it - so I innovated myself!"

When I had said yes to Scott Fischer’s question – Do you want to climb Mount Everest with me? – was the first thing I thought: I can not do it! And then there was a quantum leap explosion in my mind – that mobilized resources I did not think I had. I was simply pressured to innovate EVERYTHING – that was needed to make the VISION come true. Starting with – I had to visualize myself being capable of something – I had no evidence for I could manage. Nothing could stop me from reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain. I took unorthodox methods in use – and developed my mental programming – To the Summit and Safe Return – that supported my climb and maybe helped me survive where others died. What was mobilized in me – has been groundbreaking and a sustained enrichment. Therefore, I have dedicated my life to developing and researching HUMAN INNOVATION. I have spent 20 years developing THE EVEREST WAY – mental programming – that works in all life’s contexts.

This presentation is suitable for ALL and gives substance for thought and ZEST for life!

In this rare lecture Lene shares the fascinating and dramatic story of one of the most iconic seasons on Mount Everest 1996 – and at the same time Lene mobilizes her listeners to take their own lives seriously – to realize unresolved dreams – because of Lene’s ability to strike a core and to revitalize – the innermost in fellow human beings. 

When are you ready to realize your innermost dreams?

Lene gladly shares her well-tested mental methods to innovate ourselves - so we achieve what we want!

BOOK EVEREST to be inspired and learn to risk and mobilize your own vision of the life you strive for – from the first Scandinavian woman who summitted and survived Mount Everest May 10, 1996. Success with life – is a matter of passion, choice, risk willingness, willpower, mental preparation, and complete determination – persistence until you realize – what you have decided is important to you. You must know what you truly want – You must implement THE WILL TO SUFFER – perseverance and recommitment – is crucial and necessary for ALL who strive for a future worth living. Get mentally prepared to realize your own Everest. 

Our brain is our GPS to the future

Lene shares her simple steps to programming your brain with what you really want and how to continue until you reach your unique goals. Everest – The Way to the Top – reveals strategic tools in a sober compelling story, packed with practical experiences you can apply today to achieve the life you dream about.

Audiences realizes that Lene is passionate about mobilizing people to live their lives to the fullest

What really keeps you from realizing your inner convictions about the life you strive for? THE EVEREST WAY – IS a Kick-off TO EXPLODE YOUR OWN INTERNAL LIMITATIONS – Everest also PROVIDEs STRATEGIES TO develop SOLUTIONS FOR THE EXTERNAL disRUPTIONS that is an inevitable part of striving for a livable future. 

"If you want to become the first danish woman to climb Everest - You must have the will to suffer"

Anatoli Boukreev coached me on our way into Everest Base Camp. Anatoli has through his way of being inspired me to develop DECENCY LEADERSHIP.

Achieving seemingly unreachable goals - craves so much more - than we at the outset wish to invest


                                                                                                                                                    Scott Fischer


This lecture is suitable for all audiences, open lectures, schools, higher education, major employee events, libraries, associations, conversation salons, Leader summits, etc.

Lene accentuates the essential and universal, the deepest in human nature – in her revitalizing, heartworm account.

With her embracing personality, Lene spreads warmly and truly mobilizes her audience to seize life with revitalizing perspectives – as well as the methods to make what we want – happen!

Lene spreads hope across cultures, ethnicity, class divide, professional focus as well as geographical barriers.

Lene listens to your needs and adapts her input to what is most important to you – Your return of investment is Lene’s 1 concern – when you book Lene for your event.

Book - EVEREST 1996 - INNOVATe your life THE EVEREST WAY


Be inspired and learn to risk and mobilize your own vision of the life you strive for

your return of investment is my 1 concern

I am dedicated to mobilize you to fulfill what you dream about in life

My motivational speaks


THE EVEREST WAY is one of the world’s most efficient change methods. THE EVEREST WAY is for anyone who wants MORE. Or is forced to adapt by contemporary upheavals. THE EVEREST WAY gives you a project and process model, as well as mental strategies that have been tested on extreme and varied goals. No theory – HANDS-ON results. Clear focus – the will to suffer and endurance – are just some of the messages that give insights the audience never forget.

THE EVEREST WAY creates extraordinary measurable results. In individual people and throughout – Global companies. THE EVEREST WAY gives responsibility for the future to the people who will live with the consequences. And it revitalizes – and installs collaboration – also across cultures and borders.

NEURO LEADERS SHIP is targeted to the entire organization from bottom to top management and boards. The greater the innovative capacity the individual develops – the more we can invent. When a human is expanding the brain’s capacity, it can create new growth without additional costs. When every individual in entire organizations – expands their brain capacity, that really transforms the prospects!

NEUROLEADERSHIP is also crucial to HUMANIZE when WE FUTURIZE. That we all focus on the Greater Good for HUMANKIND in the 4 Industriel Revolution.

This presentation provides mental tools that ensure expansion in and of the individual in any market and Trend. Understand why the brain “helps us” – when we have a clear focus projected into the Future. NEURO LEADERSHIP is an ingenious proposition for launching innovative initiatives. As well as transform outward disruptions to future success.

Futurize yourself and your organisation. Riskwillingness is the prerequisite for innovation & futurization. Are you & your business – committed to improving the state of the world?

DECENCY LEADERSHIP is for everyone who dares, YOU who are creators of a common future for the Greater Good of Humanity. To ALL – striving for a future worth living. TO LEADERS, who really WILL look into the future. Maybe naive ??? But there is growing focus and demand for social responsibility, fair trade, sustainability in the utmost sense. We navigate in a matrix shift – from hyper consumerism to – I claim and the blue eminence in Davos – towards decency in our approach to shaping business and society. So, even though DECENCY LEADERSHIP perhaps initially sounds naive and long-term – it’s the recipe – that we will survive in the future. Funny, it’s also DECENCY – most employees are looking for in a leader …..

HUMANIZE WHEN WE FUTURIZE. We live in a technological stampeed – to utilize the 4 Industriel Revolution to the advantage of HUMANS, we must strengthen the individual to choose and not loose.

HUMAN INNOVATION – LIKE NEVER BEFORE is for whole organizations, teams, any group of people who strive beyond STATUS QUO. This KEYNOTE is both a mental recipe for inventing towards the future we dream about. And the recipe for how we adapt to the rapidly changing era – without existential fear of what to expect.

This presentation is aimed at mobilizing and supporting organizational transformation processes where ALL participation is a prerequisite for success.

Requested WORLDWide as this KEYNOTE mobilizes renewed hope, self-responsibility and continuous fighting spirit.

Futurize yourself and your organisation


Are you a pioneer – why not keep leadership simple and utilize evidence-based neuroscience to mobilize renewed hope, momentum and continuous fighting spirit – in yourself and throughout the organization?

The Everest Way motivational speak portfolio offers mental strategies that mobilizes individuals and the entire organization to become leading in the 4 Industrial Revolution.


Are you looking for an extraordinary impact from an authentic initiating personality? Are you planning an Event with high demands on return of investment? – then you found the right site. Lene hits a nerve in our core and mobilizes you to pursue your inner visions. Lene is able to ignite progressive momentum through 1 Keynote. Therefore, she is an internationally sought-after Top Motivational Speaker, and a solid investment for your events. Your Event participants will remember and use Lene’s universal messages – with immediate effect.

Innovate our globale future one brain at the time for the greater good of humankind

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Ready to influence the future?  

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