Motivational speak

Committed to improving the state of the world

Our brain is our GPS to the future

Are you a pioneer – why not keep leadership simple and utilize evidence-based neuroscience to mobilize renewed hope, momentum and continuous fighting spirit – in yourself and throughout the organization?

The Everest Way motivational speak portfolio is a mental strategies that mobilizes individuals and a entire organization to become leaders in your field.

Words that innovate action and create the future!

The future doesn't wait

Get ready your company ready for action in the future and take advantage of the benefits of current trends. NeuroLeadership infuses Human Innovation. Mobilizes a corporate culture with penetrating focus, self-motivation and expands everyone’s robustness to overcome the challenges of the future. 


If you want to create innovative as well as mobilizing Conferences and Events to transform – where all supports the long-term effect you will achieve – contact Lene already in the planning phase. Lene’s extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies makes her a specialist in contributing to changing events.

My Speciality

I am a specialist in Business talks, that moves participants while listening. I have more than 20 years of experience. My presentations are sought globally – from a wide range of clients from General Electric, Maersk, UPS, Lego, Vestas to the financial sector, the robot industry, universities and schools.

Book your next motivational speak

Ready to influence the future? Invest in one of my courses and test if my strategies mobilize the willpower to win in your organization.



Are you looking for an extraordinary impact from an authentic initiating personality? Are you planning an Event with high demands on return of investment? – Are you on the right side? Lene hits a nerve in our core and mobilizes you to pursue your inner visions. Lene is able to ignite progressive momentum through 1 Keynote. Therefore, she is an internationally sought-after Top Motivational Speaker, and a solid investment for your events. Your Event participants will remember and use Len’s messages – with immediate effect.

My motivational speaks

Provides mental strategies and installs the willpower to transform Status Quo and affect the future.

Management’s transformation for our common global future.

Effective transforming leader qualities.

Foundations to become the leader of the future.


I am typically hired by companies, organizations and institutions who are serious about leading into the future, innovating the next generations products and transforming the organization across continents. 

Before your event, we talk about your goals, participants and what the investment in your event should have consequences? I develop a presentation for your unique business situation – to optimize your return of investment. 

If you already are within the planning phase and want competent feedback – to create a unique process where all areas you are aiming for to create results are supported – please feel free to contact me.

Price: 5.000 – 10.000 EURO.

 For longer than 45-60 minutes courses and work-shops, we find a price that secures your worth while return of investment.

I speak English, German and Danish on conference level.


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