Your Brain is your GPS to the Future

Your Brain is your GPS to the Future.

NeuroLeadership – Leader Development for our common global future.

Escalate Visions!

Discipline integrity!

Just do it!

Continue to do it – until it works!

One of the most important insights in our decade is NeuroLeadership – Mental Programming.

Neuro research supports you can innovate resources by disciplining how you think and act.

NeuroLeadership is infinitely multipliable and costs nothing. Would that be something for you? I offer 3 mental strategies – The Everest Way – to program yourself and your organization to innovate people through leadership in radical times.

Do not wait – START NOW – CREATE the future organization. Your Brain is your GPS to the Future.

Innovate leaders – co-create the future.

Decency Leadership & Human Innovation – Simple solutions to complex challenges

Innovate people with human innovation.

Your Brain is your GPS to the Future.

The Everest Way – is mental brain programming that mobilizes people who will be co-creators of the future. I invented 3 universal strategies that exploded all limitationss when I set out to climb Mount Everest May 10, 1996. Based on the extreme experiences I have developed – The Everest Way – Mental Strategies that mobilize leaders, organizations and individuals to be co-creators of the future.

Our complex reality requires that we renew and transform leadership. Human Innovation begins with unorthodox, controversial = innovative thoughts.

We can transform the future – one brain at a time!

The demands for transformation in the 4 Industriel Revolution

The leader must create a self-governing organization through a mobilizing mission statement.

Encourage the employees to mobilize self-responsibility. Neuro Programming. Simple mental techniques that sustains your long-term goals.


Do your brain and your organization program for long-term success?

Expanding through mental programming is free!

How does the brain work? Neuroplasticity

Human Innovation – Through Existential Mission.

Is it so simple?

Lene Gammelgaard

Lene Gammelgaard short bio: International keynote speaker & bestselling author. Female. Knows how to inspire as well as mobilize people to innovate immediate action. Lene has combined her intellectual capacity with her hard won experiences from high altitude mountaineering into mental strategies backed by leading neuro science. Lene comes from a background in extreme sports and became the 1. Scandinavian woman to summit Mount Everest May 10 1996. Lene has a law degree, is a journalist as well as psychotherapist. Speaks English, German and Danish on conference level.

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