How to make troublemaking youth part of the business-solution in discount stores?

Dear Ignazio Paterno. My name is Lene Gammelgaard and I am the 1st Scandinavian woman to summit Everest on May 10 1996. 

I mention Everest  just to hopefully get your attention. And awaken your curiosity to read these Brain-storm ideas to improve Lidl’s brand and contribution to CSR and the SDG – sustainability development goals. As an integrated part of Lidl’s business strategy – to stand out  and innovate an outstanding business-solution.

I hope this business-solution mail find its way to the right people to consider what to innovate for a better Lidl Future.  

I truly enjoy Lidl – and yesterday around 18.30 I shopped in Lidl in Korsør in Denmark on my passing from the E45. 

I observed – and was inspired to innovate Lidl Branding business-solution THE EVEREST WAY – to accomplish what has never been achieved before. 

A guard was standing in front of the entrance – and being curious – I asked why. And was enlightened. Lidl lies close to a high rise living area – with low income citizens. Which is what Lidl’s business is all about. 

Some of the youngsters from the area, keep spending too much time in the shop and also helping themselves to some of the goods inside. 

As I was paying – I observed a frustrated young sales help – wanting to chase the “obstructers” out of the shop, to be able to do his work properly. 

THIS SITUATION inspired me all the way to write this business-solution charter. 

Would it benefit Lidl in the longer run – to become part of the solution?

TO INNOVATE a business-solution – to achieve something that has never been accomplished before? 

Why not dedicate a fraction of the result to build outdoor skating parks on the parking lots, where Lidl experience trouble, because it is a low-price retail shop? 

So local  “kids” have somewhere to assemble and experience a welcoming respect growing environment? Maybe as a start – invite the kids to a brain-storm gathering???? And listen to them??? 

Why not place a street-kitchen/shelter container with the skater park or?  

Why not donate the “Too good to go food to this kitchen container” – the kids might learn to cook and at least have 1 OK meal a day. They might even over time learn to take pride in their heritage – if Lidl once a month? donate last date foods to be cooked in diverse countries traditional meals for all of Lidl’s customers to taste? 

There might be people in the area, who would benefit from donating their free time to assist – with their special skills. Repairs, help with school work – whatever???? Could be delivering the last date food – that are thrown in containers to truly needing families??? 

Why not create a program, where these kids over time, learn to run the park/kitchen themselves? Maybe even inviting their mothers to teach them how to cook traditional dishes? 

Why not innovate a “test case” and employ the “Kids” to be the advocates for this concept in other cities? It must be constructed with inspirations for SOS-child cities as well as the American 12 step program, where it is the youth, causing the problems, that runs the show. No “experts, social-workers” etc. 

Just think about how Lidl would benefit in the longer run. 

Fewer negative impacts from the people living around. 

A unique HUMAN brand, especially if Lidl use the theme as a focus point in wider spread commercials. 

A genuine life-chance for kids, without a future. More often than not – this kind of helping hand – transforms people for good. 

For employees at Lidl – this would be a reason to feel proud, safer and contribute to a better organizational culture. 

What would the investment be – and what could the ROI over time be? 

We are facing higher demands for corporate social responsibilities, as well as reducing food waste and I am a passionate accelerator for implementing sustainability as THE BUSINESS STRATEGY. 

And last night I became truly inspired by Lidl and the troubled local youth hanging out – in and around Lidl in their spare time.

NETTO was one of my main sponsors on Everest and I have worked with NETTO on various processes, when Mads Kragh was the CEO. I am also the co-founder of drug-treatment centers and outdoor programs – all with the aim of installing self-responsibility and shift of life attitude in individuals.

I have been working to develop methods to mobilize people to transcend limitations for more than 25 years. For more info

I sincerely hope that my words can contribute and would naturally by thrilled to assist, if needed.

Yours warmly and committedly

Lene Gammelgaard

Lene Gammelgaard TOP10 speaker on sustainability as the business strategy

Lene Gammelgaard

Lene Gammelgaard short bio: International keynote speaker & bestselling author. Female. Knows how to inspire as well as mobilize people to innovate immediate action. Lene has combined her intellectual capacity with her hard won experiences from high altitude mountaineering into mental strategies backed by leading neuro science. Lene comes from a background in extreme sports and became the 1. Scandinavian woman to summit Mount Everest May 10 1996. Lene has a law degree, is a journalist as well as psychotherapist. Speaks English, German and Danish on conference level.

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