The Global economy and our national businesses are and will be affected by Corona Virus Management

How to strengthen resilience to pursue results in spite of the reactions to Corona Virus.

The Global economy and our national businesses are and will be affected by Corona Virus Management. 

THE SITUATION IS WHAT IT IS – we are all affected – HOW YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION REACTS with agile resilience – is essential FOR YOUR FUTURE PROGRESS. Adaptation and damage control are longer term success strategies.

Do what has to be done to limit the extent of damage – with a constructive attitude. Master emotions – not to become paralyzed or escalate panic. Gain a realistic perspective and abstain from overreactions that might cause longer lasting damage than the Virus. Use your core purpose as GPS to focus forward.

STANDSTILL and SETBACKS more often than not – mobilizes agile innovations. Utilize the STANDSTILL to sharpen SUSTAINABILITY as your business strategy. Pursue solution innovation. As we all fall short on achieving our budgets – we can innovate core purpose that will sustain us through hardships. To innovate agile resilience develop a “mobilizing why”  a clear sense of longer-term purpose, which prevents people from being overwhelmed and react out of proportion to setbacks, because they steer towards a broader visionary perspective. Determine how your company can expand employee engagement through commitment to improve the state of the world with the 17 Global Goals as Matrix. Uncover gender- and diversity bias – fix the system. Reward the small everyday wins.

You cannot progress according to plan RIGHT NOW – but there are always room for improvement to strengthen your business concept, leadership capacities, organizational culture, product innovation, customer relations etc.

Develop and discipline the will to suffer. Pick yourself up, as many times as it takes. Invest in the capacity to adapt successfully and the tenacity to never, ever quit. The tougher the situation, the tougher your organization become.

Improve and upgrade everything you can control – so your company is ready to take-off when the market situation changes for the better.


Highlight that we’ve overcome setbacks before and WILL do it again.

Lene Gammelgaard

Lene Gammelgaard short bio: International keynote speaker & bestselling author. Female. Knows how to inspire as well as mobilize people to innovate immediate action. Lene has combined her intellectual capacity with her hard won experiences from high altitude mountaineering into mental strategies backed by leading neuro science. Lene comes from a background in extreme sports and became the 1. Scandinavian woman to summit Mount Everest May 10 1996. Lene has a law degree, is a journalist as well as psychotherapist. Speaks English, German and Danish on conference level.

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