Lene is among the TOP 10 Motivational Business Speakers in the World

Mathias Wallhausen SFO/Member of the Board  SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GROUP – SWISS STEEL

Why should we invest so much money in Lene?

Lene’s longstanding experience with result innovating business talks, strategic work-shops and leadership methods as well as organizational transformation processes across various industries and cultures – ensures you specialized expertise – when inviting Lene to co-innovate your next groundbreaking Event or transformation process.


Lene Gammelgaard receives - THE EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARD – for excellence in innovating Sustainable Corporate Strategy Solutions. THE EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARD IS ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS PRIZEES A COMPANY CAN RECEIVE.

“Lene’s presentation was really extremely powerful, and I highly recommend Lene as an inspirational strategy and sustainability speaker”

Lotte Marschall, Business Angel og Professional Board Member


Lars Ingemann Director, Head of Deputy EPC Directors & Project Management Support at Ørsted.

“THE EVEREST WAY helped me inspire my employees to unleash potential towards being 3 times as efficient and effective in 2021 in our fight against the climate change.

Our Ørsted vision and mission:

Creating a world that runs entirely on green energy. We believe it’s time to take real action. Renewable energy holds the key to a cleaner future and we need to act now to reduce the effects of climate change.

“My employees realized that in Ørsted we fight climate change like you climb Mount Everest.

We must always strive to find new and better solutions to any problem we meet and when it gets tough and we suffer – we keep on going”.

To pursue our mission 100 % green energy – dedicated planning and execution is a must.

When facing problems – we simply innovate a solution.

With THE EVEREST WAY – Lene inspired everybody.

And gave us very valuable personal tools to strive for the best when supporting the Ørsted mission.

Thank you Lene for a truly inspiring speech – ØRSTED fighting climate change – THE EVEREST WAY.

Switzerland has by law decided to switch to a CO2 neutral environment in 2050.

Dear Lene. 

“For our Annual General Meeting, we are looking for the best speaker … to mobilize our energy sector to adapt to the transformation in the energy market. Therefore my email to you.

I had the chance to attend a session with you at GE-General Electric in Baden, Switzerland for approx. 4 years ago. I was very impressed.”

Switzerland plans to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, thus meeting the internationally agreed target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C when compared with the pre-industrial era.

The Swiss Gas and Water Association (SVGW) is committed to secure a sustainable supply of gas and water.

And SVGW – the energy supply sector association hand-picked Lene Gammelgaard to Kick-Off the CO2 Neutral transformation process in 2019.

The aim is to mobilize the energy sector to adapt to the transformation in the energy market, elimination of fossil fuels, conversion to biogas, more decentralized energy systems without counterproductive fear of what lies ahead.

The Vice Director for Swiss Association of Gas and Water Services SVGW had the chance to attend a session with Lene Gammelgaard at GE-General Electric (the biggest company in the world) in Switzerland approx. 4 years previously, in the lead up to GE’s take-over of Alström Power. GE selected Lene among the world TOP speakers for that assignment, as well as other cutting-edge pioneer project Kick-Offs.

“I am impressed by how Lene mobilize professional teams for risky future challenges – and I use THE EVEREST WAY techniques, therefore the organizer of The General Assembly CO2 Neutrality 2050 Kick-Off – invited Lene Gammelgaard to mobilize SVGW, the association that supports (water, gas and district heating companies throughout Switzerland).

“All feedback was very positive, no matter at what level. The road to a transformed CO2 neutral energy supply is long. With THE EVEREST WAY – Lene installs massive well-founded optimism. 

Which is exactly why Lene was selected. 

Especially because it really is about survival for some of our members!”

“Switzerland plans to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, thus meeting the internationally agreed target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C when compared with the pre-industrial era,”

And the energy supply sector selected Lene Gammelgaard to Kick-Off the CO2 Neutral transformationprocess in 2019.

“All feedback was very positive, no matter at what level. The road to a transformed CO2 neutral energy supply is long. With THE EVEREST WAY method – Lene installs massive well-founded optimism. Which is exactly why Lene was selected. 

Especially because it really is about survival for some of our members!”


Motivational business Speaker Lene Gammelgaard opens Kick-Off on CO2 neutrality in the enegysector in Schwitzerland
Top Business Speaker and Sustainability Strategy Innovator

If you are ever thinking of MOBILIZING the organization’s full potential to achieve what has never been achieved before – do not hesitate to contact Lene.

Peter Dahl, Sales Director, VERO MODA, BEST SELLER GROUP

VERO MODA is a Danish schainstore with representation in 45 countries and has over 1000 stores selling clothing of the same name. VERO MODA is produced by the Jutland clothing group Bestseller.

Lene invented a mobilization process – which we have implemented throughout our way of operating VERO MODA’s sales.

VERO MODA on the summit

We have an outrageous ambition for our Brand. We developed a mission in the process we had with Lene leading up to the event.


In an unusual way, Lene managed to connect our extremely ambitious goals at VERO MODA with THE EVEREST WAY.

We experienced standing ovation for the first time ever – in my time with VERO MODA.

Thanks again for your great achievement! 

With SDG - the whole world has common goals that will change the way we do business

We had invited Lene Gammelgaard to Kick-start our focus on the UN’s global goals in our business network VL109.

I received a very positive feed back on Lene’s presentation.
Here are our mobilizing take-aways:

It was incredibly inspiring to hear Lene’s use of the UN’s 17 World Goals, also known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG is going to change the world.

We have entered an era where decency is rewarded and it is good business to behave decently.

You have to realize that it can get tough and you must endure trials to reach your goals.
A mobilizing example of DECENCY LEADERSHIP is Nelson Mandela.
It is thought-provoking what he had to go through, he spent 30 years in prison before he could reach his goal. Nelson Mandela was a decent person and was celebrated by the world leaders at his funeral, precisely because of his decent fight.

The changes start in the brain with visions for the future – but must be implemented all the way. Meetings and making slides is not enough.

People all over the world demand goods and services from companies they respect and which behave properly.



With THE 17 GLOBL GOALS – the whole world has common focus that will change the way we do business.

THANKS. It was good to see you and that you could attend our meeting.
Jens Taarnskov 

"I highly recommend Lene's invaluable contribution"

I4.0 Robotic SEMINAR

Lene CONTRIBUTED TO THE FIRST ROBOTIC SEMINAR AT LEGO with Robot Cluster, engineers and inventors.  

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen  – OWNER OF LEGO, Billund, Denmark

On several occasions, Lene Gammelgaard has presented her insights on leadership and development of people to different leadership groups in Lego. We find her ideas and research very valuable in the development of managers, people and organizational culture. Therefore, I would highly recommend Lene’s invaluable contributions.

What difference does it make for uS - if we book Lene?

Lene has shared her mobilizing lectures with more than 1.8 million people across borders, careers, ethnicity


Lene’s – THE EVEREST WAY – method is in demand globally.


Dear Lene.   I am a project manager in a project called Midnet China, which is a Mid-Jutland initiative. We are some business promotion organizations that help various companies interested in entering or already are present in the Chinese market in various ways. We plan the event in collaboration with the Danish Chinese Business Forum, and I have had you recommended by Line Kathrine Laustsen Langelund from there. She heard a speech you made about the UN's World Goals, and said it was super exciting. And we thought it might be an interesting contribution to our program.   Our target group is primarily SMEs and our focus is China. Would you be interested in giving a presentation on how, as a (particularly small / medium-sized) company, you can benefit from UN SDG in its strategy, development, communication, etc. And would you reserach how the world goals are used or accentuated in China and utilize that angle in some of your presentation?   Best regards / 此致敬礼   Louise Krogh Johnson Project Manager Mid-China Enterprise Europe Network Agro Business Park A/S Niels Pedersens Allé 2 DK-8830 Tjele

China export via sdg innovations

It was truly inspiring to listen to you!

Christina Boutrup, China specialist, journalist

1000 thanks for yesterday. We got through well. Thanks for your very interesting feature.

Line Kathrine Lausten Langelund, Business-Antropologist

Leadership 2030                           National Conference in Copenhagen  June 28 2019

Come hear about the future trend and get spot on as leader – IDA Lederforum Hovedstaden

LEADERSHIP 2030 – What’s going to shape future leadership? 

New challenges and solutions await managers. But what’s going to shape
future leadership? Leadership 2030 gives you the overview – and the opportunity
for networking & tapas.
Leadership 2030 gives participants an understanding of the forces that will shape
decision making in the complex and changing world of the future. 

Key words are: Sustainability, change management, leadership and innovation – in this unique conference delivered with passion – passing on new application-oriented knowledge.
Not least you get something to think about.

19.00 – 20.30 Human Innovation – Global sustainability
FUTURIST & TED Talk – and the first scandinavian woman to climb Mount Everest 
Lene Gammelgaard


Megatrends that innovate sustainable 2030 earnings

At Leadership 2030, Lene Gammelgaard highlighted megatrends for the forward-thinking leader who wants to dramatically influence organizations’ livelihoods and opportunities to innovate sustainable 2030 earnings.

It was a great pleasure to have you as speaker at the conference. Thank you very much for your fine contributions, which I am sure the participants can use and reflect on.

Best summer greetings from

Catharina Palbo

Copenhagen Consulting Group – CCG

I continually pick up renewed fighting spirit in THE EVEREST WAY.

Your concerned and application-oriented messages of renewing hope, taking action, self-responsibility and adaptability have been an inspiration to me for many years.

I daily coach people to cope with the challenges they face to satisfy demanding business clients. It resonates well with me that you have transformed your extreme experiences of Everest as a platform to motivate others.

Your insights and methods have enabled me to do the same for many people, and I want to thank you for that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

John Triggs | Senior Technical Recruiter|
Genesis10 for Fortune 100 companies    

"Lene's presentation was really extremely powerful, and I highly recommend Lene as an inspirational strategy and sustainability speaker"

Lene looked at the agenda and goals of the event and increased our ambitions: Growth and entrepreneurship by engaging businesses – small or large – to integrate the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals into the business strategy


Lotte Marschall, Business Angel og Professional Board Member, Copenhagen, Denmark

Task: World-class motivation of multicultural team:

How do we set ourselves up for success to become a true market leader?

“The biggest challenge we face in our daily lives is being able to understand and respect the perspectives of others in our multicultural teams.

How do we achieve goals and overcome obstacles together?



Lene is in high demand by a Global audience and has given talks for more than 1.8 million people. 


Lene is often booked by international companies for their Global Manager meetings.

Lene also delivers 19 minutes THE EVEREST WAY Keynotes –  Neurologists, neuro scientists and brain surgeons.

General Electric has used Lene several times in connection with Kick-Off of groundbreaking organizational initiatives.


International Sales Event – with emphasis on how several subgroups come together in a unified task force

Celgene strives to deliver truly innovative and life-changing medicines to our patients. Our vision as a company is to build a large global biopharmaceutical company where we focus on the discovery, development and commercialization of products for the treatment of cancer and other serious, immune inflammatory conditions.


Comlux Avation. The task was to integrate new unpopular CEO, as well as innovate international organizational structure. Lene created 2 days of boarding with a sailing workshop. Collaboration from UAE Sheiks, Russians, Swiss, Scandinavians, Americans, etc. HR manager Corinna Hoffmann has, based on this successful process, recommended Lene to, among others, GENERAL ELECTRIC and Alström Power, where Lene innovated Kick-Off before merging with GE. GE has hired Lene repeatedly.


An example of one of Lene’s challenging assignments.

How to get at most different individuals with their own agendas in a locked-down collaboration between the Swedish Arms Industry, the Submarine Division in the military and political stakeholders to take responsibility and get the job done? Lene created a 4 day course in Norway that resulted in all participants – on Monday morning they implemented the measures they had found in the course was their responsibility.


One example is Rockwood Lithium, which, after a long selection process, asked Lene to create a 3-day Global Leadership work-shop in the USA.

Lene provided KEYNOTE, sparring and facilitating processes.

Result: All Global Leaders innovated their personal Mission to fulfill the Company’s Global Strategy.


Matthias Wellhausen

CFO og Member of the Board

I must say that you have reached your goal and are among the Top 10 Motivational speakers in the world!

Your lecture was a highlight of our Global Managers event. Although the lecture was excellently oriented towards the transformational journey of the company as a whole, it was particularly well-suited for our key project, the refinancing of the company. We issued a new bond in the following days, and the teams had to manage all the preparations within a short period of time and qualitatively. It was a task, which was new to all. The transaction has been completed with excellent success.

Thank you once again, Warm greetings and ongoing success.”

Dr. Pia Götze


“Lene Gammelgaard was our main speaker at our event” Move On “- an event for 60 selected, ambitious career women. Lene Gammelgaard promotes and aspires to the participants. Her enthusiasm and contribution made an important contribution to the success of our event. The participants expressed absolutely positive opinions on Lene and was galvanized by the style of her open and inspiring presentation. We thank Lene Gammelgaard for her contribution and we are glad she will join us again, who speaks again for our next MoveAhead event. “

Tibor Latinjak

Viceprecident. Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue 

“The first Swiss Re Open has ended, and what a show it was! The event was topped with keynote speakers. Possibly Swiss Re’s most ambitious customer forum to date, Swiss Re Open offered a packed and varied program of keynote talks and debates, plus the chance to socialize. With the theme “WinningTogether”, Lene Gammelgaard contributed with interaction, commitment, sharing and learning, and lifted the event to a new level. Danish Everest conquer Lene Gammelgaard, confront and inspire the participants to reach the top of their goals and invites the audience to expect the unexpected. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation at the Swiss Re Open. It was very well received by the attendees. It was great to have you with us. “

Claus Skytte Nielsen

Direktør i Mærsk, A.P Møller

“Keeping the attention of a multicultural audience is hard enough. In addition – on the spot – to innovate new ways of attacking our business areas, that’s professionalism. Lene’s dynamic presentation style made the session really valuable and was absolutely right for the audience and occasion.”

D.D. McDavid

Daimler Chrysler Corporation, Vice President International, USA

I highly recommend Lene for her motivational abilities and her knowledge of the essential skills and competencies required to succeed in business.

“Lene’s presentation was uniquely welcomed. In addition to the framework report relating to the hard work, dedication to teamwork and adversity associated with the very climb of Mount Everest, I was most impressed with Lene Gammelgaard’s ability to relate these experiences to the challenges we each face. especially faced on a daily basis in business. She continued to link her experiences to the challenges we face in our organization. Lene Gammelgaard’s presentation was exactly what we needed to help create focus and motivate our employees. Lene contributed significantly to making it a successful event. “

Lene Gammelgaard Business Speaker

Corinna Eigenmann

Head of Human Resources – Comlux The Aviation Group, Switzerland

“Your innovative speeches and extra sailing workshop on organizational changes for our trip was truly an eye opener and a spark to a true change in mind and action. We felt thoroughly committed and involved that we really understand your important messages that no change is Our other day was very productive and I sincerely believe that you managed to start some change processes in the mind of some participants. Today, I heard several of my colleagues refer to the motivational messages we had put as a “wrap up “Beginning of the 2nd day. I think it’s a crucial sign of success. Thank you very much again!”

Jacques R. Essinger

Ph.D, Symetis, Zürich

“Be ready for a very positive attitude booster. We were in positive shock!”

“If you have a team that creates good results and want them to get even better, let Lene show them how to mentally push the limits that we all have semi-conscious to stay in our comfort zone. Be prepared for a very positive attitude booster. We were in a positive shock! “

Eleanor Huffines


“Lene’s leadership experience emerged from the first day. She sets an example for both students and instructors with her passion for learning and her willingness to support others. Len’s energy, commitment and determination, leadership’s model and communication skills are an asset to any company. “


Motivational speaker Lene Gammelgaard

Jay D. Johnson

President, The Wilderness Education Association, USA

“Lene was our main speaker at our annual conference. She provided a powerful, thorough presentation in personal and professional management. Her dynamic style commands attention from everyone in the conference hall. She behaved like a very warm, caring person who is extremely committed in helping others to achieve their dreams and aspirations. I would highly recommend Lene as a presenter and coach to any organization or event. She will make a huge contribution to any endeavors she is involved in. “ 

Pete Allison

Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

“Lene impressed me as a compassionate individual and a strong leader who gives a project everything she has. Her introspection and authentic personality, character, integrity and natural flare for business needs to be perceived to be understood. I observed the way in which she interacts with people she treats people as individualists and enriches them to make the best of their potential and her impact was highlighted for me at the end of her performance as the participants thanked her for a fantastic achievement. “


HR Business Partner

Lene’s Talk on how to pioneer outrageous ambitions to innovate the next ground-breaking momentum gave us more than we expected. Lene was great – we have had such fantastic feedback on her presentation. Lene is truly inspirational!  Among a selection of great speakers Futurist Speakers Lene was booked  to Kick-OFF T. M. Lewins TRUE NORTH INTERNATIONAL LEADERS ENGAGEMENT EVENT with the Ambition of mobilizing our company culture to invent the next groundbraking productline within the global textile Industry.” 

Dr. Olga Zaytseff

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Lene Gammelgaard stated her position as a mental endurance specialist by holding presentations for leading embryologists at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Geneva. Lene was invited by Ava Peters International Owners to introduce the possibility of mental robust programming in reproductive contexts. As AvaPeters introduction to the 10th – largest fertility congress in the world for leading reproductive researchers and pharmaceutical industries. 

A.T. Kearney, ABB A/S,ABB Robotics GmbH, Aeon Consulting Group Switzerland, Allianz GmbH, Alliance Politikerin Forum, AMKA, B&O Chicago, BBE Retail Experts, BHB Marketing GmbH, Bilfinger Berger GmbH, BMW, Boston Consulting Group, Capvis, Capvis Zürich, Celgene Bio, Colombus IT, COOP, Comlux Aviation Spain, Continental, Daimler Chrysler, Danica, Dafolo, Danish Business Counsil Dubai, Dansk Supermarked, Den Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank, Incentive Reisen “Club der Besten” Kuusamo, Ekstra Bladet, Finland, Deutsche Bundes Bahn, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität, Deutsche Telecom, DHL Solutions GmbH, DFDS, DTU-Technical University, DZ Bank AG, Ecco Shoes, EFQM Forum Berlin, Egmont Koncern, Elli Lilly GmbH, Frederikssund Kommunale Ledere, Environmental Ministry Denmark, General Electric, Grundfos, Hamlet Private Hospital, Hilti Lichtenstein, HUNKEMÖLLER, IBM, IDA, Janssen-Cilag, Lego, Maersk, McKinsey Women’s Workshop Sweden, Mekom Schweiz, Merck Aussendienst Berlin, Ministry of Education, Mobil Oil, MT Højgaard A/S, MÜNSTER ÜNIVERSITÄTS HOSPITAL – NEUROSCIENTISTS, Naturstyrelsen, NCC, Netto, New Directions Boston, Norwegian Defence Logistics Operation, Nokia Siemens Russia, Novo Nordisk A/S, Novozymes, PFA, Point S Italy, ROBOTCLUSTER SDU, Rockwood Litium USA, Sabex Canada, SAS-Institute IT, SAS-Scandinavian Airlines, Scandinavian Fur, Scandlines, Schwarzkopf Professional AG South Africa, SEB Bank, Shell Paris, Silvan A/S, Skanska, Swiss Reassurance Company Zürich + Zermat, SSAB Stockholm, Systemhaus Bissinger Gmbh, TATA Consultancy Services, TALARFORUM, TRUSTPILOT, T-Systems, Valliant, Velux, VERO MODA, Vestas, VIP-Ambassadors Tour Norway, VL-109, Voith Paper Automation, Ørsted Green Energy, EXTERNAL LECTURER-Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, Department of Economics and Business