The purpose of this Keynote is to mobilize organizational transformation processes – via leaders with missions. 

To achieve goals with the participation of ALL – which is a prerequisite for success.

The employee  who have experienced the downsides in this   Covid era will demand an evolving work environment as artificial intelligence and robots take on repetitive tasks.

People thrive when their resources contribute optimally.

the crucial question to ask is


if you are - OTHERS WILL BE TOO!

Gallup has studied performance at more then 2.5 million work units and measured the engagement of 27 million employees for the past two decades. No matter the industry, size, or geography, GALLUP find executives struggling to unlock the PSYCHOLOGY to employee engagemente and performance and how to unite individualists into collaborating focused task-forces

HUMANIZE WHEN WE FUTURIZE. We live in a technological stampeed. Where we tend to overlook that humans are in control of what, why and with what purpose. To utilize the 4 Industriel Revolution to the advantage of HUMANS, we must strengthen the individual to choose and not loose.

HUMAN INNOVATION – is for whole organizations, teams, any group of people who strive beyond STATUS QUO. This KEYNOTE is both a mental method for inventing the future we want to live in. And the recipe for how we adapt to the rapidly changing era – without existential fear of what to expect. HUMAN AGILE INNOVATION.

This presentation mobilize and support organizational transformation processes where commitment and participation from ALL is the prerequisite for success. 

Requested around the Globe as this BUSINESS TALK mobilizes renewed hope, self-responsibility and continuous fighting spirit.



  • You get THE EVEREST WAY project and process methods that mobilize missions – that innovate human resources.
  • You get management strategies that ensure that talented people take ownership and, over time, continuously invest resources in the business.
  • You gain access to the success factor – the willingness to endure. Mental stamina to overcome all setbacks and obstacles – until you achieve what you intend to do.