THE EVEREST WAY is a unique mission - and innovation matrix - DEVELOPED FOR DEMANDING CHALLENGES


The age of repetition is over

We will not progress – with more of the same

All-in-1 solution #THEEVERESTWAY - when the company wants to create results in radical times





Lene Gammelgaard receives - THE EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARD for excellence in innovative Sustainable Corporate Strategy Solutions

THE EVEREST WAY Keynotes mobilizes innovation, resilience and creates optimizing action-promoting solutions that ensure the implementation of the results your company needs now. THE EVEREST WAY is a methodology developed to provide lasting value - SUSTAINABILITY - #THEEVERESTWAY disciplines individuals to break habitual thinking. So we act forward oriented.

THE EVEREST WAY is the essence of years - tested "best practice" for - Leadership Management and self-management for Radical challenges. As well as how to "bounce" back with resilience from daily setbacks, discouragement and market-provoked crises.  Don't give up - start again and keep going.....

#THEEVERESTWAY - All-in-1 solution - developed - tested and implemented - in and for extreme scenarios

THE EVEREST WAY Keynotes, motivational lectures, Webinars, coaching and business strategy processes – on site and on-line provides techniques to innovate HUMAN SUSTAINABILITY AS BUSINESS STRATEGY, to expand and secure business opportunities in I4.0.

THE EVEREST WAY – kickstarts transformations, solve concrete challenges, competence escalation throughout the company. We develop our services to secure top ROI for your unique situation. To ensure companies keep up the momentum – despite unpredictable market disruptions.

THE EVEREST WAY is a method to continuously re-mobilize people so that we create opportunities and complete goal attainment. The technique can be used throughout life.

THE EVEREST WAY Keynotes and one-off processes, provides tested strategies for how to “bounce” back with resilience from daily setbacks, discouragement and market-provoked crises.

THE EVEREST WAY – gives leaders, managers, employees, entire companies and organizations the boost and mental strategies required to execute strategic innovation, implement a tactical project and discipline continuity from start to result.

THE EVEREST WAY is a simple 3-step process to develop a heart-core vision & the resources needed to innovate results in an increasingly complex world. Crucial skills to turn innovative ideas into business results. DECENCY LEADERSHIP and HUMAN INNOVATION beats the odds.

THE EVEREST WAY is a simple mental approach that discipline brains to achieve what you are aiming for. A technique that mobilize individual endurance during the stressful periods. THE WILL TO SUFFER will sustain you – when you consider giving up.

THE EVEREST WAY technique – accelerates the probability that your company is among the 20% – that successfully completes the radical transformations required to generate sustainable corporate results.



People search for meaning! The internationally recognized psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl, who survived years in the most brutal conditions people can put fellow human beings through – the concentration camp in Auswitch – brings this universally valid observation,  we can implement in these radical times. Where, unfortunately, despite science and education, we are once again confronted with the consequences of the darkest aspects of human psychology.

Talented employees look for the leader and the company with a meaningful mission – that adds a constructive improvement in the world.

That’s why – the new norm for companies – to survive these radical times – is DECENCY LEADERSHIP & HUMAN INNOVATION


HUMAN INNOVATION is a two-way strategy. Everything we produce, implement, etc. must improve the lives of more people. Companies that want to survive in the long term – must invest in solving authentic problems for real people. Offer what our fellow human beings really need. This is how we ensure turnover and employee engagement in the coming years, when most are forced to cut to the bone due to the human-made crises.

HUMAN INNOVATION as GPS – makes implementation of artificial intelligence, digitization and robotics simple. Does technology contribute to the quality of life for as many people as possible? Or does it contribute to the current trend of dehumanization? 2024 leaders must be skilled at releasing employees’ talents as co-creators of the company’s vision. If not – the most sought-after talents will move on – or start their own business.


People are and will be every company's competitive advantage. AI, Digitization etc. are the stone axes of the modern age. Developed by humans - for the further development of humankind. Opportunities for individuals to develop - are fundamental to the continuous achievement of results by companies and institutions.
Investing in people creates the basis for the company's existence and expansion.
HUMAN INNOVATION is the foundation for the company's survival - in the long term....


HUMAN INNOVATION - the core of success


Don´t wait for times to get better. Make them!


THE EVEREST WAY stimulate new thinking and escalate actionable solutions, effecting constructive results. THE EVEREST WAY aim at impact! Designed to have lasting value. We do that by challenging individuals to break boundaries -and giving them THE EVEREST WAY methods - to mobilize result accelerating actions - by utilizing our capacity to discipline our brain to our advantage. We simply take control of our feelings, thoughts and consequently our actions. We become masters of self management and therefore capable of influencing tomorrows the way we want them to be.

DECENCY leadership will be the only norm employees will accept in the 21th century


THE EVEREST WAY is one of the world’s most efficient result accelerating methods. THE EVEREST WAY is for anyone who wants MORE. Or is forced to adapt by contemporary upheavals. 

THE EVEREST WAY gives you a project and process approach – to clarify the company mission, as well as mental strategies that have been tested on extreme and varied goals. No theory – HANDS-ON results. Clear focus – the will to suffer and endurance – are just some of the messages that give insights the audience immediately implement and never forget.

THE EVEREST WAY mobilize measurable results. In individuals and throughout – Global companies. 

FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY revitalizes – and mobilize co-innovation and collaboration – also across cultures and borders.

Decency Leadership
Simple solution to complex challenges

Top10 motivational speaker on Leadership 2023 Lene Gammelgaard

Are you & your business - committed to INNOVATE SUSTAINABLE HUMANE BUTTOMLINE RESULTS?

DECENCY LEADERSHIP is for everyone who DARES – global top minds in business – striving for a future worth working. TO LEADERS, with missions to innovate companies, that generates profit with sustainability as corporate strategy – combining sound business principles, extraordinary purpose and a desire to engage employees as co-innovators of success. 

Employees, customers etc.  demand transparancy, responsibility, fairness and sustainability in the utmost sense. 

We MUST navigate a matrix shift – towards decency in our approach to shaping business results. So, even though DECENCY LEADERSHIP perhaps initially sounds naive and long-term – it’s the recipe – for sustainable business income. 

It’s also DECENCY – most employees are looking for in a leader and corporate purpose in the long run…..

Human Innovation

HUMANIZE WHEN WE FUTURIZE. We live in a technological stampeed. Where we tend to overlook that humans are in control of – what, why and with what purpose we invest in high tech etc. To utilize the 4 Industriel Revolution to the advantage of HUMANS, we must strengthen the individual to choose – not to loose. Technology is a tool to innovate better lives for more – PEOPLE! 

Digitalization must NEVER dehumanize humankind!

HUMAN INNOVATION – is for whole organizations, teams, any group of people, who strive beyond STATUS QUO. 

This KEYNOTE is both a mental method for inventing the future we want to live in. And the recipe for how we adapt to the rapidly changing era – without existential fear of what to expect. HUMAN AGILE INNOVATION.

This presentation mobilize and support organizational transformation processes, where commitment and participation from ALL is the prerequisite for success. Requested around the Globe as this BUSINESS TALK mobilizes renewed hope, self-responsibility and ongoing fighting spirit.



Leaders need to expand perseverance to achieve results

NEURO LEADERSHIP is for the entire organization from bottom to top management and board members. The greater innovative capacity and stamina the individual develops – the more results we achieve. 

When we expand the brain’s capacity, we can innovate  growth without additional costs. When every individual in entire organizations – expands their mental capacity, that really transforms the prospects!

NEUROLEADERSHIP is also crucial to HUMANIZE when WE FUTURIZE. That we focus on innovating for the Greater Good of HUMANKIND in the 4 Industriel Revolution.

This presentation provides mental tools that ensure AGILE INNOVATION – flexible adaptation in and by the individual in any market and trend. Insights into how the brain “helps us” – when we have a clear focus projected into the Future. 

NEURO LEADERSHIP innovate agile sustainable leadership for radical times.






Even in the most turbulent times – there will be a market for what people truly need. 

By placing HUMANS at the center for all innovation – we optimize the odds for business survival and shape a world people want to work and live in.

We must innovate the 21th century to be a HUMANE CENTURY – one businessbrain at the time!

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  • How can your company implement DECENCY LEADERSHIP & HUMAN INNOVATION to accelerate results through employee engagement?

  • How do your company ensure that visions are transformed into buttom line results?



The times of repetition ARE over - We can no longer advance - by doing more of the same


  • DECENCY LEADERSHIP: Ignite transformation that thoughen your teams for the turbulent times innovating sustainable results.
  • Mobilization of a self-responsible organizational culture: Renewed hope and collaboration – kindled through a shared mission across departments, professional inclinations, demographics, diversity and geography.
  • Agile Human Innovation: A resilient adaptation strategy to cope with reality. Disciplined willingness to do what ever it takes, when it has to be done, as long as it has to be done – in yourself, your organization until you have accomplished results that are difficult to attain in the comtemporary market disruptions.

I encourage leaders to justify their company's existence - by innovating products and organizations - that solve people's authentic problems and needs

NEW KEYNOTES – deciphering destabilizing TRENDS

How do we strengthen the decoding of what we are presented with? So DECENCY LEADERSHIP and HUMAN INNOVATION become our GPS instead of fear, learned helplessness and existential anxiety.

None of the current crises and challenges we are exposed to – are activated by uncontrollable meteor impacts. They are all humanmade.

Because individuals conceived and carried out given actions that lead to the current state of the world – my passion is to mobilize reasoned hope by expanding constructive solutions. To live-worthy lives.

When crises, war and accompanying human destinies are implemented by individuals – peace, decency, worthwhile living lives for more – are also iplemented by individuals.

That’s why I claim we can create livable tomorrows – 1 brain at a time.

How do we optimize the decoding of what we are presented with? 

So DECENCY LEADERSHIP and HUMAN INNOVATION become our GPS instead of fear induced mass formations management, action paralysis and learned helplessness.

None of the current crises and challenges we face – are activated by uncontrollable meteor impacts.

Because individuals conceived and carried out given actions that lead to the current state of the world – my passion is to mobilize reasoned hope.

When crises, war and accompanying human destinies are orchestrated by individuals – peace, justice, decent lives for more – are also set in motion by individuals.

That’s why I claim we can create livable tomorrows – 1 brain at a time.

Keynote lectures for businesses, think tanks, institutions, organizations, political bodies. Damage is done when leaders abuse power. Covid inflict fundamental changes. Violations of individuals integrity MUST be addressed – to establish functional workplaces.

Authentic dialogue is essential for engagement.

The Corona process shows that institutions and governments, in a very short time, ignore fundamental freedoms and democratic principles of the rule of law. The situation becomes questionable in terms of legal ity when the government moves away to the extent that has happened
from both the recommendations of the health authorities and normal consultation processes and makes a wide range of quick political decisions without the usual health professional or parliamentary mandates. Decisions that are consistent with the restrictive human rights violating measures of a large number of other countries.

A well-functioning legal society requires fair institutions and a great willingness for public debate. Unfortunately, the world now experience extensive censorship – also of scientific reports that do not support the official narrative.

Government and the WHO went beyond the limits of the rule of law in handling the coronavirus. There is a need for a legal settlement, to re-establish both the state of law and the social contract. What certain psychologists describe as “State abuse of power” was committed. With emergency amendments to the Epidemic Act, far-reaching powers were referred to the government. “Corona handling has shown us that Institutions and governments are willing to disregard freedoms and the rule of law without thoroughly investigating the realities, so that measures are based on facts and common sense. The provisions of the Constitution and human rights were disregarded.

It affects individuals’ willingness to contribute.

#THEEVERESTWAY – the mental method – offered to cope with and counter the dystophic uncovering of the state of the world.

The survival tool that mobilizes zest for life, will to will, stamina, human innovation and improved quality of life through taking control of one’s life and creating meaning.

War and peace – man-made choices have consequences. And all of those crises we currently are bombarded with – are consequences of individuals’ plans and actions.

None of them – have been dumped from outer space.

Therefore, it is also in our power to create a better future, through visions, actions and results.

Should the planet’s limited resources be used for war or peace? It is an individual choice! And the choice is yours too!

Geo-engineering is being experimented with, without anyone knowing the consequences.  The EU is involved in geo-engineering. Also in Denmark

According to estimates from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an annual investment of around $267 billion is needed to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. This figure includes funding for sustainable agriculture, social protection programs, and support for rural development.

The United States remain the world’s largest military spender; its $900 billion budget in 2023 was greater than those of the next top 15 countries combined

Who decides what structures govern the opportunities of companies and citizens?

Is it really possible that 8 individuals/families/corporate constructions own as much as half the world’s population?

Who are these extremely rich?

Why have the few absurdly wealthy become richer in recent years and everyone else poorer? For the first time in 25 years. How are the “public-private partnerships” that underlie this wealth transformation implemented? By who?

What influence do these gigantic fortunes and their accompanying power have on the way we, for example, use the global search engines? AI. ChatGPT? Who owns them? What consequence does it have?

Leading economic thinkers call this transformation Cyber Feudalism – advocating for the entire production – sales – ownership – revenue generation to be overhauled.

Perhaps worth thinking about why it was the large established chains that had to stay physically open during the shutdowns that were not justified by health professionals? Why was it, for example, Amazom with several on-line portal companies that got a gigantic revenue boost due to shutdowns?

Why are independent farmers forced away from their land – which is taken over by the few rich? AGAIN!

Who is financially powerful enough to influence the structural systems that govern market monopolies?

What is it in human psychology that makes certain individuals continue to invent war, innovate more and more advanced weapons and pollute vast areas of land and water? The atmosphere? For generations?

Which countries have the biggest weapons producers? 

Is war good business? 

What could we develop in terms of welfare, democracy, education etc. for the same money?

What global challenges could the enormous funds for “The military industrial complex” solve when we demand an end to forever warfare with the corruption that inevitably follows?

What are the environmental consequences of all the wars since WW2?

And why should farmers and ordinary taxpayers pay CO2 tax – when the war machine is the world’s biggest polluter?

What do water producers pay in CO2 tax and taxes? 

Who bears the costs of cleaning up their pollution, land mines, depleted uranium, Agent Orange, rebuilding destroyed infrastructure, etc.?

Those who decide the destruction, those who pollute, or the taxpayers?

Who decides, the rules that ensure the bill ends up with the citizens?

Psychological operations carried out by the military industrial complex in peacetime are “planned political, economic, military,
and ideological activities directed at foreign countries, organizations, populations and individuals to create feelings, attitudes, understandings, beliefs or behavior favorable to the achievement of political, economic and military objectives.

Who devises them – for what purposes?

Are psych ops used in western countries against the population or only in contexts of war?

How can you determine if you are being nudged, manipulated, controlled via these strategically designed narratives and agendas?

Why is censorship spreading – in the Western world, EU and Denmark?

Even when the Constitution forbids that censorship must ever be introduced again?

How do we liberate ourselves and make informed fact based choices? When we cannot be sure that the official narratives and agendas convey the whole reality?

How, who, why?

Propaganda is a strategic, mental tool for mass manipulation. “Rally for war” is a classic example. As is “Making a leader”

Propaganda is used to shape people’s thoughts according to the ideologies devised by those who strive for power.

In essence, propaganda simplifies complex ideas, works with constant repetition and appeals to people’s emotions.

Who devises the strategic tools to control the recipient’s feelings, thoughts and actions?

NAZISM is a global well known example of how Hitler’s Ministry of Truth – invented THE BIG LIE – to turn democratic Germany into tyranny and mobilize the sentiments that fostered the Holocaust. Revealing what humans are capable of.

Who typically uses this kind of manipulation of entire population groups?

In what contexts?

Should we only pay attention to propaganda in wartime? Or is propaganda also used in so-called democratic countries?

How can we resist propaganda? 

And create the companies we choose to influence the direction of the future through?

Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned.

All the crises we are presently bombarded with are products of people’s emotions – which are translated into thoughts – which are translated into action, which have consequences that affect the world.

How does war start? Feeling-Thought-Action-Consequence!

I innovated #THEVERESTWAY to become able to summit Mount Everest

I survived where others died

Neuroplasticity refers to the brains ability to form new neural connections. The brain has ability to change, reorganize and grow neural networks. The more we focus on specific goals, our brain  structurally changes. 

You are welcome to come up with your specific angles and needs, and I will create a presentation for your unique situation. We start with a conversation, on-line, in which you reveal your wishes. No additional costs.

The necessary co-creative dialogue and process are included in the price.

Leadership for Radical Times

People are and will be every company's competitive advantage. Their well-being and engagement are fundamental to achieving results. Investing in people creates the basis for their creative contributions - INNOVATION - the core of any business success


MBA Leadership development institutes all over the world have used Everest 1996 as a business- and leadership case.

I was there. I succeeded and survived! And have invented methods for business ever since – to expand HUMAN INNOVATION and accelerate result achievements. Fortune 100 Companies are among my clients, who benefit from THE EVEREST WAY

Lene is passionately expanding #THEEVERESTWAY – which releases vision commitment and mental stamina to innovate your chances. 

Do as Lene – uncover your heart-core vision that mobilizes fighting spirit. Take the next step. 

And keep going until you and the company realize the goals you are driven by!

Lene´s history

Lene “Walks the talk”. Lene’s #THEEVERESTWAY is authentic  entrepreneurship – which has reached the whole world! Developed with a will to go all the way, the courage to take risks and realize seemingly unattainable goals. With the willingness to take risks and the discipline to never accept the Status Quo. 

#THEEVERESTWAY – The mental mobilizing method Lene invented – to be able to achieve what – she was unable to – is in demand globally! 

100,000’s have gained renewed hope and continuous fighting spirit with the help of #THEEVERESTWAY. 

The company’s founder Lene Gammelgaard became world famous – when she, as the first Nordic woman and no. 35 in world history – climbed Mount Everest with american Scott Fischer in 1996. 

And survived the infamous storm. 

Now Lene Gammelgaard propagates HUMAN INNOVATION to establish hope in our dysphoric times. 

Lene offers concrete methods to how companies can innovate worthwhile missions that engages employees and strengthens the will to launch new initiatives and take full responsibility for achieving results. #THEEVERESTWAY is a transformational discipline for anyone who wants to invest in achieving success and well-being – professionally, as well as personally. Even in radical times.

On May 10, 1996, Lene Gammelgaard became the first Scandinavian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. But a raging storm and human error conspired to turn triumph into catastrophe. Eight of her team’s climbers, including its renowned leader Scott Fischer, perished in a tragedy that would make headlines around the world. Lene’ riveting account recieves 4 out of 5 stars.

Arlene Blum, author of the classic account of women and mountaineering, Annapurna: A Woman’s Place, calls Climbing High “an honest and deeply personal account.”

We need a new type of Leadership. DECENCY LEADERSHIP & HUMAN INNOAVTION
Top10 Leadership speaker and innovator Lene Gammelgaard Leadership 2023

From EVEREST to INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SUCCESS! Lene Gammelgaard is internationally recognized and in demand as "Thought Leader" - Keynote speaker and change mobiliser for essential and existential business transformation. Author and adventurer. Lene has inspired thousands of people all over the world. Her #THEEVERESTWAY presentations focuses on leadership, management, innovation of employee engagement and the survival of companies in times of major turbulence in the world. Lene's experiences from climbing Mount Everest and 25 years of innovating methods to mobilize human quantum leap development - have given her a unique competence in innovating strategies to catalyze the meaningful goals that overcome all internal and external obstacles. Lene received the EU's Business Award for her pioneering concepts.

Price for presentations in the EU  5000 EURO+++

Global 10,000 +++ EURO

Prices for presentations in Denmark DKK 20,000 – 35,000 depending on duration.

Workshops, Webinars, shorter or longer development processes – agreed individually.

Are you an NGO, school or ??? So give us a call and let’s see if we can find a solution.


Call +45 2342 8780 and we’ll have an initial conversation, where we’ll find out if – THE EVEREST WAY – is right for the event or process you have in mind

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